Kushehnooney started out in the early years of the nineteen nineties. The name came later the music came first.

Aeysh, Ishan (Jeymu), Zia, Andhu, Ishanu at Tharaboozuge practice room.

Lineup with Ablo Arif, Zia, Andhu, Ishanu and Ahmed Jones gathered for the first album Furolhu, recorded in in-between 2000 and 2001. Furolhu, a collection of tracks, that were composed through the 15 odd years that the band has been together.

Esjehi Gallery 1993 midday assembled for practice. Front porch trying to think of a name for the band. An invitation to play at the THAANA SHOW. We were to be the support act for the main event – Anneh Vaththaru Fani (the boys from UK) and Zero degree atoll

Zia Abbas – just back from banishment, Aish – Hathihaa, vocals and lyricist, Mohamed Ishan – Drums , on holidays from studying architecture in Manchester <England, Andhu –Psychocandy with Easa and Bogu Isantey earlier, Andi – kashimaavilaa, no relation to kashimaa Shakir, on Bass.

Andi came up with “kushehnooney” .